Risk Assessment
General & Financial Risk Assessment for Winterslow Parish Council

Those in Danger
Management of Risk
Level of Risk
1. Porton Down Research Centre
Fire, accident, terrorist attack or bacterial/ chemical incident.
All residents
All residents are aware of this government facility.Parish Council has to rely on Porton’s accident reaction plan.
2. The Lions Head Pub / The Lord Nelson Pub
Incidents and accidents in the premises or outside the premises.
Residents using these village amenities and passersby.
Parish Council relies on Health and Wellbeing and best practices that each establishment operates as its business plan.
3. A30 and access roads through Winterslow.
Speeding, accident heavy lorries and road surfaces.

Parking on pavements (Saxon Leas).

Ice and snow on roads.
All residents


All residents and vehicle drivers
The Parish Council has initiated a number of SpeedWatch programmes in conjunction with the Southern Wiltshire Area Board. Road surface issues are notified to Wiltshire Council andHighways Department. Police are kept fully informed of all safety issues and incidents. In the case of traffic accidents, Police and emergency services procedures are followed.

The Parish Council is working with Wiltshire Council and the police to try and resolve this problem which mainly occurs on Saxon Leas estate.

The Parish Council carries out a regular check of the grit bins during cold weather. Wiltshire Council is responsible for filling the grit bins, gritting the main roads into the village and snow clearing. Two local farmers (snow wardens) have been trained by Wiltshire Council to carry out snow clearance and gritting on the minor roads. A gritter has been purchased by the Parish Council for this purpose.


4. Paths, road edges, grass verges, road junctions and public waste bins.
Accidents and obstructed views of oncoming traffic. Rotting waste and diseases.
All residents
The Parish Council has a protocol in place to deal with overhanging hedges/trees which obstruct the highway and footpaths. Grass verges and footpaths at ground level are maintained by Wiltshire Council. The recreation ground and Longcroft are maintained by the Parish Council. Barry’s Field is also maintained to ensure that the access is not obstructed. Rubbish/dog bins are now emptied on a regular basis by a contractor paid for by the Parish Council.

Public liability insurance.
5. Flooding
Potential for flooding at the Common
Through traffic and those close to the Common.
The Parish Council initiated a flood relief programme with Wiltshire Council. Phase 1 has been completed. Phase 2 is on hold until sufficient funds are available. In the meantime the situation will be monitored by the Parish Council. Wiltshire Council ensures that the soakaways at The Common are emptied on a regular basis.A Parish Councillor has been appointed as the Flood Warden.
6. All Saints ChurchSt. John the Baptist Church Methodist Church Baptist Church Gospel Lifeboat Mission
Vandalism resulting in accident. Parking and congestion.
Residents close to either church
The maintenance of the churches, church yards, grave yard and parking issues are the responsibility of the PCC or appropriate governing bodies.
7. Village playgrounds and fencing
Injury, play equipment, fencing damage, accident or damage outside the playground activities.

Dog fouling on Recreation Ground.
Youngsters using the facilities

Damage to property or parked cars alongside the play area.

All residents using the Recreation Ground.
Visual inspection of equipment on a regular basis which is recorded. Annual ROSPA inspection. Public liability insurance. The playground in Saxon Leas is managed by Wiltshire Council.

Signs prohibiting dog fouling and dogs not on leads except on footpath are displayed at the Recreation Ground. See also Section 4.
Low/ Medium

8. Missing/
Lost Persons
Injury or loss of life in extreme circum-stances.
Children, elderly people or those suffering from illnesses e.g. dementia, diabetes, blackouts etc.
The Village Hall has been designated as the co-ordinating centre in the event of a search and an emergency grab box has been provided with necessary equipment. All relevant services e.g. Police, Fire, Ambulance etc. will be informed.
9. Pavilion
Maintenance and Health and Wellbeing
Users of the building
The annual check on the fire extinguishers is carried out by Bourne Fire.

The building is compliant with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and is reviewed annually.Regular checks on the building including the kitchen and toilets are carried out and any problems reported to the Parish Council.
10. Trees
Falling branches/
Injury to pedestrians, pets and vehicles
Visual inspection of trees on land that is the responsibility of the Parish Council as necessary with tree surgery carried out where required. Trees on private land overhanging public areas – see Protocol in Section 4.

Public liability insurance.
11. Gates and Fencing
Repair costs. Costs of replacement
Repair cost and maintenance regularly reviewed.Public liability insurance.
12. Financial
Misappro-priation of Council Funds Financial loss
Public services
Regular review of Financial Standing Orders covering all procedures. Invoices are paid by cheque with 2 signatures. Monthly accounts approved by councillors. Annual scrutiny of all financial records by external auditor chosen and agreed by the Parish Council.
13. Inadequate budgeting
Unable to fulfil respon-sibilities
Public Services
Normal council business and proper decision making are closely controlled and monitored. Produce an annual budget. Set sufficient precept and have sufficient resources.
14. Notice boards
Regular inspection when notices are displayed by Parish Clerk and Councillors. Public liability insurance and make contingency provision in Parish Council Reserves for maintenance.
15. Bus shelters and benches located within Parish
Vandalism Impact damage
Make contingency provision in Parish Council Reserves. Regular renewal and maintenance programme. Public liability insurance.
16. Salaries, expenses and expenditure
Public Services
All expenditure discussed and voted on. All transactions minuted. Utilise WALC guidelines for Salaries. Expenses: claim form submitted, minuted and checked by external auditor.
17. Council Skills and Competency
Councillors lacking the appropriate skills to progress Council business effectively.
Councillors and Residents
The Parish Council includes members who have served for many years. Training sessions are attended by Parish Clerk and new councillors are encouraged to attend the same training sessions. A Parish Councillor has been appointed as a Health and Wellbeing advisor.
Risk Assessment carried out by:

David Newton

Risk Assessment validated by:
Chairman of Winterslow Parish Council